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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file or alphanumeric file the websites place in the computers or mobile devices of their visitors. Cookies are broadly used to enhance the efficiency of the websites, to personalize the on-line experience or to otherwise improve users’ experience, and provide the owners of the website with other legitimate information. Cookies themselves are not suitable for identifying the user, based on them only the user’s device can be identified.

We can store cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of our website on the device of our visitors without prior request. For other types of cookies we need your permission.

While you are paying a visit to our website, we are collecting certain personal data of yours by using cookies, server log files and other technologies, particularly your IP address, type of browser, date and time of your visit and your potential preferences.

The cookie is valid and active within the set expiration time. The so called ‘session cookies’ do not have expiration time, they are active and remain on the computer  only until the website is open on the user’s device, so they will be deleted by the browser as soon as you close the website. Expiry time of permanent cookies is given in months, days or years.  After expiration your browser automatically deletes the permanent cookies when visiting the website again. You can also delete the permanent cookies within the expiration time in your browser.

We also place third party cookies on your website that are forwarding data to our partners.

The cookie we use on our website that is strictly necessary for the operation thereof:

  • PHPSESSID HTTP session cookie

The cookies, placed by third parties on our website for statistical, marketing or mixed purposes, are:

  • cookies
  • cookies
  • cookies
  • cookies
  • cookies

You can find detailed information on Google or YouTube cookie policies:

The cookie policy of Google Analytics is accessible here:

The link to the Facebook cookie policy:

And here is the privacy policy of Globres:

How do we use cookies?

We use the personal data we eventually collect from the cookies placed for the following purposes:

  • Technical purposes (including but not limited to identifying sessions, marking settings or preferences, tracking information when filling out an on-line form, etc.); 
  • For purposes of statistical analysis and web traffic operation management (for example to enhance the usability of the website or the relevance of our services, to analyze the information on the usage of the website based on the sites visited, the number of accesses, location, etc.)
  • To enhance user experience (including but not limited to signaling prior acknowledgement of information pop up window content and hinder repeated pop up within a certain period of time, or hindering repeated pop up of the cookie bar within a certain period of time in case of allowing cookie placement). 

How can you avoid that cookies be placed on your computer?

You may object to processing your personal data by using cookies or similar technologies. To this end you can configure your browser to enable the placement of cookies.

Any recent web browser enables the users to alter the cookie settings. These settings can  generally be found in the „Tools”, „Options” „Help” or „Settings” sections within the browser, which you can view below, depending on which browser you use:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:



Any setting that you may alter in the cookie settings will likely change the browsing and accessing conditions to certain services requiring cookies. We do not take responsibility for the impaired quality of our services and the consequences thereof, should the worsened quality result from lack of cookies previously rejected or deleted by you. 

You may furthermore allow the cookies instead of fully blocking them in advance.

In this case you can subsequently delete the cookies previously placed on your computer, as shown below: